priti®multidisc ZrO2 10mm - 16mm

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priti®multidisc ZrO2
monochrome in 16 VITA® shades and white High Translucent, Translucent and Opaque


Applying a penetrating, homogeneous stain to the material eliminates the need for processes such as dipping, painting and drying. This not only saves time and effort, it also helps to avoid potential manual errors during the staining process. Consequently, production costs can be reduced and your customers will appreciate the consistent and reproducible color quality.

Even finishing or adjustment grinding does not result in light spots on the restoration since the material is fully pre-shaded.

Pre-shaded material is good for your sintering furnace and protects the material against damage. Acid-based liquid stains can emit fumes during the sintering process which leave deposits and contaminate the furnace. This can cause undesirable discoloration and/ or loss of translucency. Using industrially pre-shaded zirconia ensures consistent color results.